Air conditioning units have been an inevitable part of life. It helps us to get rid of scorching heat. It allows us to manage the temperature of a particular area in which we live as per our choice and preference. This helps people in surviving people who live in extreme climatic patterns like extreme cold and extreme heat.
An air conditioning unit can increase or decrease the temperature as well as it works as an exhaust pulling out the bad air outside and pumping the fresh air in. This makes the situations of a room lively and less suffocative.

A very general thought is that such comfort services comes in with some demerits too. One has to look after air conditioning unit very frequently. It requires servicing on an average six months basis. A secure and timely supervision with accurate installation is immensely needed.

Air conditioning services can be classified on the basis of use. Let’s discuss it in detail.

Residential/Household purpose:

Services which are used for buildings and apartments are included under this category. The air conditioning equipments which come in this category are portable ones which are affixed to a particular part of an area which is supposed to be chilled to serve the purpose.

Apart from the above mentioned types of air conditioning units, there are some used for Commercial purpose. They are bigger in size to serve a comparatively bigger area. That’s why they consume more power than ordinary units. These offer services like centralized cooling system which is the best part and it makes them successful. Most of the modern offices and commercial complexes do have centralized cooling system. These might include supermarkets, research and development laboratories in pharmaceutical companies.

Also, the need of cooling makes a difference here. If a place is supposed to be cooled at maximum, the cooling unit will consume more and consistent supply of power.

Major Players
• Mitsubishi
• Aircon
• Daikin
• Fujitsu
• Panasonic
• Toshiba
• LG
Necessarily, all air conditioning units need maintenance services. In order to make air conditioning maintenance work properly, one must get them serviced in every six months. Air Conditioning Maintenance increases the life of conditioner.