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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

We specialise in installations, repairs and maintenance of fitted air conditioning systems

     Climate Change, is an Air Conditioning and Refrigeration company.

         We currently employ some 45 employees, including commissioning and service technicians, and have the experience and
         expertise to successfully complete all types of commercial and industrial projects.


We offer a broad variety of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration services such as mid wall splits, hideaways, cassette, console, mobile units, ventilation Systems, freezer rooms service and repairs etc.


We are proud suppliers of installation sundries and electronic replacement such as Copper, Aluminium pipes, galvanized, Pvc trunkings, external bracket sizes, Refrigerant gases, electronic parts ,  compressor sizes.


We offer installation for site diagrams for both commercial and domestic consumers is a part of our curriculum. We also provide air conditioning installation diagrams during building construction.
Our Directors with assistance from the rest of the management board work tirelessly to ensure that customers satisfaction is met in all circumstances.

Currently, the Service Company operates a team of 25 experienced service technicians highly equipped to service, maintain and install domestic air conditioners as well as heating ventilation air conditioning(HVAC).
Climate Change operates throughout the week, except on public holidays. However, we also accommodate emergences as well as unexpected system break downs from our clients.

Staff Training

Climate Change Air Conditioning and Refrigeration is an active participator in industry training programs as part of its ongoing policy of staff training and development. its membership of the AMCA, Through and mid level managers receive senior training in current management methods. Additional training is given to qualifying employees through suitable programs at FET Colleges and ‘off campus’ university courses. Climate Change Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Pty Ltd will provide a first class touch on all projects and can assure our cli ents the highest level of service and commitment.

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